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Is to keep uniform rules and regulations to ensure safe and enjoyable player participation. Sportsmanship and fair play at all levels are encouraged

The Pittsburgh area was in desperate need of some type of organization due to the lack of or the vast number of different rules that were being used by different leagues. We now use U.S.F.T.L. rules which was the first organization to address this and made a concise rulebook. With the us of these rulebooks we are dedicated to promoting this to all people, regardless of gender, race, age, religious affiliation or national ability.


Our goal is to create a place where everyone can have fun playing sports in a safe and social setting. Safety and good sportsmanship are of utmost importance in the Pittsburgh Flag Football Association. Rude or demeaning behavior to referees, the opposing team, and/or own team members will not be tolerated. All participants are EXCEPTED to know and abide by the rules for each style of play as well as uphold standards of good conduct and sportsmanship.

Any behavior that is deemed violent, harassing, and/or inappropriate will result in the following action:

1st infraction- the player will be removed from the current game and must leave the premises immediately. A minimum of a 1 game suspension will be issued beginning with the next scheduled game. Depending on the severity of the infraction, further discipline or eviction of the league may occur. The referee may petition to have any suspension be waived based on the nature of the ejection.

2nd infraction- the player must sit out the remainder of the current season and then serve a minimum 1 full season suspension. Depending on the severity of the infraction, further discipline or eviction from the league may occur. No refunds will be issued for suspension from play.

Procedure- Upon infraction a referee report ejection form will be submitted to the PFFA. This file will become official record and the suspended individual will be notified. All decisions by the PFFA staff are final. Any evicted player may petition the PFFA staff for reinstatement after one full of absence.


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Chris Booth



Co-Owner of the league. Has been playing Pittsburgh flag football for over 15 years..

John Smith

Sean Kennedy



Co-Owner of the league. Has been playing football for over 18 years.